VIP Package

What is a VIP Package?


A VIP Package is a package specifically designed around a Very Important Project you are currently working on.


Typically, a Very Important Project would be something that requires a laser-focussed approach for a specific outcome over a short period of time, from a few hours to a couple of days.


Examples of VIPs include:

  • optimising your CV for maximum impact (learn how to make the most of the skills and experience you have acquired)
  • preparing a presentation for your next (or first?) conference (learn how to showcase your brilliance effectively and with greatest confidence)
  • preparing a poster for a conference (learn how to attract visitors and engage them with your work)
  • writing a Cover Letter for your job application (learn how to present yourself in the best possible way)
  • getting personalised feedback on some of you writing
  • and much more


As the time and amount of work required depend on the specific VIP, so does the cost associated with this package.

Whatever it may be, you can rest assured that the package will be tailored around your needs and to the highest standards.


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