Research Publishing Masterclass

Research Publishing Masterclass

A self-study online course for anyone who struggles to write and publish a research paper.  


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Research Publishing Masterclass


Research Publishing Masterclass Plus

with two 30-min milestone calls with me ANY time you want


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What will you be able to DO after taking this course?

  • Identify the key message of your paper to build a powerful story around it
  • Choose the right journal for your paper to maximise your research impact
  • Understand your audience to avoid losing your readers
  • Craft engaging titles and compelling abstracts to grab your readers' attention
  • Plan your manuscript to know exactly what to write and where

  • Produce elegant writing even if you aren't a native speaker (what can I say?! neither am I!)
  • Navigate the peer-review process to respond to referees' reports with ease and professionalism

  • Disseminate your work to gain maximum visibility



 The Course in a Nutshell 


Module 1: Choosing the Right Journal

Choosing the right journal is crucial to avoid desk rejection. But how do you choose the right target for your paper? Well, that depends on its message. Learn how to identify the key message of your paper and build a compelling story around it.


Module 2: Planning Your Paper

Never start a paper again with a blank sheet. Instead, learn to plan carefully so drafting your manuscript becomes easy peasy! Here, you'll learn how to use mind maps and structured layouts to help you get started without stress or anxiety. 


Module 3: Drafting Your Paper

The time has come! You can begin drafting your manuscript. We'll explore the purpose and structure of each section and I'll share useful templates so you know exaclty what to write and where. 


Module 4: The Submission Process

Find out about the submission process,  the role of the Editor and how to write compelling cover letters for your submissions. 


Module 5: The Peer-Review Process

Learn about different models of peer review and their pros and cons. Find out how best to respond to the criticism from your reviewers with confidence and professionalism.  


Module 6: From Acceptance to Publication

Finally your paper has been accepted! Congratulations! Now it's time to share your work with the rest of the world. Topics covered include: proofs, copyright issues, press releases, promoting your paper. 





videoTraining Modules

Go through the training material at your own pace, any time you like, and as often as you need. Getting content one module at a time will allow you to consolidate what you are learning without feeling overwhelmed.


pdfSection Templates and Sample materials

Useful section templates that you can use as a reference any time you write a paper. Plus: real-case examples of a coverl letter, response to the reviewers, and much more. 

pencilTasks and Discussion Forms

To help you put into practice all the strategies presented in the training modules and keep track of your progress. Easily ask me questions through the discussion form at the end of each lesson.


universityAdditional Resources

To provide examples, inspirations and further thoughts. I have picked some great online resources so you don't have to waste time searching for them.


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Option 1

 Option 2

Research Publishing Masterclass


Research Publishing Masterclass Plus

with two 30-min milestone calls with me ANY time you want

 For details on how I collect, store, and process your data please refer to my Privacy Notice



What do other people say about this course?

"Marialuisa's writing course has helped me improve my writing skills and has taught me a better and more efficient way of approaching any writing project. The course material consists of useful templates and techniques that help breakdown the writing task into smaller and more organised parts that make the task less daunting.
I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn or improve their writing skills. It can be a great help in particular to early career researchers with no or little writing experience."

- Dr. Ruchi Garg, FRIB Michigan State University (US)


"An enlightening experience, which allowed me to see the most relevant aspects of (academic) writing in a broader sense. This course offers a great overview and the contents can be applied to more than just writing. I would recommend this course to anybody who wants to learn a proper approach to scientific writing and it is even suited for seasoned veterans. 10/10" 

- Enis Lorenz, Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany) 



  A Little Bit About Me

wise-event-smallAs a full-time academic at a research intensive university, I could tell you that...

... I have published over 100 papers in peer-reviewed international journals, and that I have extensive experience in writing and refereeing scientific papers and research grant applications.

But the truth is that it wasn't until I started working with other academics that I realized how similar their struggles were to mine.

So, about ten years ago, I begun thinking about ways I could share my experience and provide guidance and support to many more researchers that those I supervise...

...until I finally put together easy-to-follow step-by-step programmes that could help you save time and effort and transform you into a confident, effective and productive writer in your academic discipline. This is how my courses Hands on Writing, Time Management and Productivity Mindset, and Research Publishing Masterclass were born. I hope you'll find them useful. And for any questions... I'm just a click away.