I have 20-years' experience as a full-time academic at a research-intensive university and I'm only too familiar with the many demands of an academic life. Being a non-native English speaker I also understand the struggles faced by most of those who need to learn and master a language on top of performing excellent research and teaching.

From my own experience, I have come to realise that academic success is not just all about your abilities as a researcher. There is much more to it than the eye can meet at a first glance. Indeed, I have learnt that success builds almost entirely on three factors: your resilience, your ability to take up opportunities, and the people you meet on your way.

Over the last fifteen years, I have been helping PhD students, post-docs and early career academics improve their writing skills, become more productive, publish their research, apply for fellowships, secure job interviews, and strike a better work-life balance.  

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