If you are a Post-doc or a Research Fellow...


The transition from being a PhD to becoming a post-doc is probably less traumatic than that from being an undergraduate to becoming a PhD student. Yet, once you become a Post-doc or, even more so, a Research Fellow, you become fully responsible for your choices and your career. This can be scary for some, and making the right choices may seem beyond your capabilities. Here is where I can help you.


understanding your new role and responsibilities

  • strategic focus on what really matters for your career
  • team playing and taking the lead
  • choosing your opportunities 

attending and presenting at conferences

  • craft excellent talks
  • build your network
  • make an impression on your seniors and peers


paper writing and publishing

  • choose the right target journal
  • prepare and submit your manuscript
  • deal with referees' comments 


  • find your sponsors
  • build and maintain supporting relationships
  • make choices and take decisions


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