Hands on Writing: How to Master Academic Writing (in the Sciences)

Are you struggling to write up your thesis, research paper or annual report?  

Do you wish you had more support and guidance from a supervisor?

And what if I told you that this support is available to you

and you can use it any time you want, for as long as you need it?


Hands on Writing: How to Master Academic Writing in the Sciences




A 6-Week Step-By-Step Online Course 


Are You Tired of...

  • Wasting time in unproductive and inefficient writing?

  • Feeling constantly stressed out, anxious and overwhelmed?

  • Struggling without knowing where to start?



And Imagine How You'd Feel Like If You Could... 

  • Ban procrastination and stay on track with your writing project

  • Finally complete a chapter of your thesis in just a few weeks 

  • Draft your paper with ease and confidence

  • Improve your productivity and experience a sense of real achievement

  • Write clearly and efficiently without wasting hour upon hour

  • Gain confidence and enjoy your writing project


You Are Not Alone


Lots of students often fall in the trap of believing that their writing is clear and good as is only to realise - much to their dismay - that this is far from being the case.

That's when they start losing confidence about their writing skills and when the struggle begins.

I used to struggle with my writing just like you.

I still remember the feeling of disbelief and despair when I got back the draft of my first thesis chapter full of red marks all over the pages.

I struggled so much that I honestly thought I would not make it through my degree.

Luckily for me, I had a supervisor who took the time to teach me how to writetold me what I was doing wrong and showed me how to put it right.

At the time, I did not know that the skills I was learning would have served me for the rest of my career in ways well beyond my imagination. 

But what if you are not this lucky? What if your supervisor has no time? What if (s)he is too busy to teach you how to write a good thesis or paper or dissertation?

If you have already experienced the frustration that comes with getting your drafts returned to you full of red marks all over the pages, do not waste any more time in trying to fix things on your own.


Get the Guidance You Need

and Spare Yourself Hours of Wasted Attempts and Painful Disappointment


 A Little Bit About Me

wise-event-smallMy name is Marialuisa Aliotta and I am full professor of Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics. As a full time academic at a research intensive university, I could tell you that...

... I have published over 80 papers in peer-reviewed international journals, and that

.. I have extensive experience in writing and refereeing scientific papers and research grant applications.

But the truth is that it wasn't until I started supervising students that I realized how similar their struggles were to mine.

So, about ten years ago, I begun thinking about ways to share my experience and provide guidance and support to many more students that those I directly supervise.

I started reading books, attending workshops, experimenting with different techniques, until I finally put together an easy-to-follow step-by-step programme that could help you save time and effort and transform you into a confident, effective and productive writer in your academic discipline.

This is how my Hands on Writing Course was born.



 Course Content 

What We'll Cover in the Course


Module 1: Pre-Writing

In this module, we are going to focus on becoming a better reader by paying attention to content, structure, and style. I'm going to share with you some useful strategies to help you focus on each aspect already at the reading stage. 


Module 2: Drafting

Getting started is the hardest step for most of us. Here, I'll teach you a few simple techniques to help you produce a draft in the easiest (and fastest) possible way. Do not worry if you produce messy drafts at this stage. We'll work on them later.


Module 3: Revising

In this module, we'll start taking a critical look at your first drafts and shape up the structure of your text. I'll provide specific tools that you can use to make sure your content flows in a logical and coherent way. We'll also explore the purpose and structure of paragraphs and see why it is important you use them properly.


Module 4: Editing

The editing stage is mostly focused around elegance in writing. In this module, we'll explore elements of style and reflect on what makes for good academic writing. Through some worked-out examples, I'll show you how to de-clutter your text by getting rid of unnecessary words and phrases, and how to use effective language for clear communication.


Module 5: Proofreading

No matter how good your research results are, the overall quality of your work may be completely spoiled by grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes. These can make you look unprofessional and will not help your thesis or paper submission. In this module, I'll discuss how to avoid some common pitfalls and make sure your writing looks professional. 


Supporting Material

In this module, we'll see how to prepare effective, clear, and well-prepared figures and tables and how to write exhaustive figure captions and table titles. We'll also look at other sections of your thesis or paper, including appendix, glossaries, lists of acronyms and the like.



Course Features   

What You'll Get in the Course


Weekly Training Videos

Watch them any time you like, as often as you need. Getting content one week at a time will allow you to consolidate what you are learning without feeling overwhelmed or unsure where to start.


pdfDownloadable Slides

Annotate them as you watch the training videos or use them as a reference manual to assist you in your writing even after the course has ended.


pencilWorksheets and Checklists

To help you put into practice all the strategies presented in the video training modules and keep track of your progress.


universityAdditional Resources

To provide examples, inspirations and further thoughts. I have picked the best online resources so you don't have to waste time searching for them.




All of this delivered through our

Password-Protected Membership Site 



Is This Course For YOU?


  • If you are a perfectionist and keep writing, deleting, re-writing without really accomplishing much

  • If you procrastinate and tend to do anything else as long as it's not writing up

  • If you feel frustrated about your lack of experience or progress

  • If you often worry about how (or whether!) you are going to complete your thesis or paper...


...then this course MAY WELL BE for you.


But... there is a catch!

deadlift_cartoonWhen you join a gym, you know that subscribing is not enough. If you are serious about getting fit, you have to put some effort into it.

The same is true for this course. I will be there to guide you and support you the best I can, but you have to commit to it and be willing to spend time and effort to put into practice what you’ll learn here. Ultimately, you have to write to become a better writer!

This course has been designed for PhD students and early career researchers who struggle with their writing and want to improve their skills. But you can still benefit from taking this course even if you are at a more advanced stage in your career or if you have just started your PhD.

So, if you are ready to make a step change in the way you approach your writing, then...





 So, How Much Does the Course Cost?

Invest in the writing skills that will serve you for a lifetime


Well, if I was to coach you in person, I could easily spend more than 20 hours reading your work, providing detailed feedback, suggesting amendments and guiding you through the entire writing process.


This could easily cost you well over £1000!


Luckily, I have managed to package this course in a way that doesn’t require me to spend 20 hours of my time in one-on-one coaching, but will still offer you my experience, guidance and advice.

To get instant access to the course material and start improving your writing skills straight away, you do not need to invest £1000. You don’t even have to invest half of that. 


Your Full Investment in Your Personal Development is Only £199



Extra Bonuses

If You Sign Up Today

Sign up NOW and get immediate access to our exclusive Membership Site, plus these Extra FREE Video Bonuses



  • How to Create a Successful Writer's mindset. Find out how to maximise your chances of success by adopting the right mindset from day one.


  • How to Avoid Procrastination.  Get to the core of your resistance and ban procrastination problems once and for all.


  • How to Stay on Track. Discover simple strategies to make the most out of this course and keep you focused on your writing project.  



And I'll Take the Risk for You

Your Satisfaction is My Priority and Pride

I take pride in what I do and I'm so committed to your success that I want to make this a totally risk-free decision for you. 

My 21-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee


If you purchase this course, I’m taking the risk, not you. If you're not happy with what you get, or if the course is simply not right for you, just send me an email within 21 days from purchase and I’ll send you a full refund.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Hand Drawn Maroon

Why would I do so? Because I have bought other courses online and I understand any reservation you may have.

So, if for some reason my course is not for you, you get the money back. Every single cent. No questions asked. And we part as friends.

By signing up you have nothing to lose (well... apart from sleepless nights and lack of progress!).




  Question Time 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a native English speaker. Will I have troubles following this course? 

I’m not a native English speaker either, so we are in good company :). All my videos are based on clear and easy to read slides. As long as you are able to understand spoken English you should have no problems following.


I'm not a scientist. Can I still take this course?

This course is specifically tailored for researchers in scientific disciplines. However, many of the techniques I teach have general validity and can be easily applied to your writing project regardless of your academic interests.


I’m not a native English speaker. Will this course give me specific advice on how to improve my writing as a non-native speaker?

The course is mostly about learning to write well in your discipline. At times, this will imply looking at some aspects of the English language that I’m sure you will benefit from as a non-native speaker. Having said that, many native speaker students who have taken this course admitted to not knowing about some aspects covered in the course and enjoyed learning about them.


What if I start lagging behind?

The course is designed so that you should be able to complete the assignments in small chunks of time. A little bit every day is the key to successful accomplishments. Sometimes, however, other things may (and will!) get in the way and you may end up making less progress than you were hoping for. When this happens just re-commit and start from where you left. And remember: you’ll have a guaranteed one-year access to the course material (and longer upon request). So, no need to worry too much if you won’t complete everything by the end of the course.

Why should I buy your course when there is so much free information out there?

You are absolutely right, there is plenty of free information out there! But that's the problem. In fact, there is so much that one can end up again feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start.

I have developed this course as a coherent package so that you know exactly what to do and how. I have put together the best of what I have learned from my own experience as a student and as a supervisor. Where appropriate, I've also included links to some great resources freely available on the internet, specifically handpicked for you.

Finally, you also get the invaluable opportunity to get directly in touch with me and ask questions along the way, so you can make the most of this course and of my experience.


What if this course doesn't work for me?

This course is based on a tried and tested approach that has already helped hundreds of students. I use different techniques to suit different people’s preferences for learning (videos, slides, worksheets, additional resources). However, if you take this course and for some reason decide that this is not a good match to you or your circumstances, just email me within 21 days from purchase and I’ll refund every single penny. No question asked.


My question is not here...

Then just send me an email or click here to book a FREE Getting Started Consultation to discuss things further. 



Register Now

and Get the Immediate Benefit of a Proven Step-by-Step Approach

to Plan, Execute, and Finally Enjoy Your Writing

By enrolling on the course, acting on the tasks assigned, and putting into practice the tools and techniques I'll be sharing with you, you will soon be able to:


  • get on track with your writing

  • easily draft your paper

  • complete a chapter of your thesis


in just a few weeks.


You will experience a real sense of achievement and increased productivity, and you will finally approach your writing with confidence and - dare I say - enjoyment!


And if you get stuck, you can always connect with me and ask me questions, which in turn will make me better at helping you showcase your brilliance with effective writing.



But Don't Just Take My Word for It...

See what other students have said about this course


"I now produce clear, concise work that conveys exactly what I want to say."

Octavia Springbett, PhD Student - University of Lancaster, UK


"Writing is now a natural part of my day."

Chantal Lunardi, prospective PhD Student - Canada


"I felt I had to guess good writing practice from reading other people’s papers and theses."

Lewis MacKenzie, PhD Student - University of Glasgow, UK


"I never felt very confident about writing. Now I have a better idea of how to get started."

Lauren Fleming, PhD Student - University of Dundee, UK


"I was afraid to start writing, because I knew it wouldn’t be perfect. I am no longer concerned about perfection for my initial drafts"

Ioan-Bogdan Magdau, PhD Student - University of Edinburgh, UK


"This course has provided me with an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide and showed me the direction to take. I now have several tools and strategies to assess my work constructively and improve my writing."

Luigi Capponi, PhD Student - University of West Scotland, UK


"I was feeling like being on a boat – not being a good swimmer – and awaiting for someone to throw me into the sea."

Eliana Lambrou, PhD Student - University of Edinburgh, UK


"This course made me realise that writing is perhaps the most important skill I'll be taking home with me."

Paul Zammit, PhD Student - University of Glasgow, UK



Ok, Decision Time...

If Not Now, When? 


Register Now and I'll Look Forward to Welcoming You on Our Site


  • 6 Weekly Training Modules 

  • Checklist, Worksheets, and Templates

  • Links to Additional Resources

  • 3 Bonus Videos on Mindset and Procrastination


  • get rid of unhealthy stress and anxiety

  • save yourself lots of hours of wasted effort

  • boost your writing productivity

  • increase your confidence from week 1! 





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