If you are an Early Career Academic...


You have finally landend your first academic post. Congratulations! Now you have to take up responsibilities in teaching, research and supervision, sometimes facing key tasks for the first time. No wonder you feel overwhelmed! Does any of the issues below resonate as one of your struggles? If so, I'd love to help you.


settling in 

  • departmental life
  • colleagues, mentors, and line managers
  • opportunities and distractions

teaching, research, admin

  • lectures, workshops, tutorials, laboratory classes,...
  • staying tuned on your research: protecting your time
  • being a good citizen within your department


supervising students

  • choosing the right project
  • choosing the right student
  • how to supervise effectively 

 applying for funds

  • the why, what, who, and how of grant applications
  • getting your research funded
  • dealing with rejections 


work-life balance

  • discovering your purpose and mission
  • enjoying life beyond work
  • carrying family responsibilities

 moving on

  • finding a mentor
  • applying for promotion
  • deciding on your next career move


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