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Depending on the stage of your career, you will have a number of different things to focus on. The skills required will change as you progress. 

Below, I list just some examples of what I can do to support you throughout your career from PhD to Post-doc to your first permanent academic job.


If you are a PhD Student...

Life as a PhD student can be very demanding and stressful at times. You may feel lost, without guidance, with little support from you supervisor or your peers. You are not alone! Many other people feel the same, and so have I when I was a PhD student!

But hard and difficult as it may sound you do not need to do it all alone. Here are some of the things I can help you with:

setting up a strategy for success 

  • the PhD proposal
  • choosing the best supervisor(s) for you
  • interacting with your supervisor(s)
  • supporting yourself through the ups and downs of your project

doing and writing a literature review

  • framing your research
  • selecting relevant papers
  • keeping track of you sources

writing your PhD thesis

  • planning ahead and sticking to your plans
  • understanding your audience
  • structuring your thesis, its chapters, and its sections
  • figuring out what goes where and how to use appendices
  • creating effective and professional figures, tables, and references

you are now a DR, what next?

  • planning your next career move
  • creating a successful CV
  • applying for positions
  • post-doc vs. fellowship


If you are a Post-doc or a Research Fellow...

The transition from being a PhD to becoming a post-doc is probably less traumatic than that from being an undergraduate to becoming a PhD student. Yet, once you become a Post-doc or, even more so, a Research Fellow, you become fully responsible for your choices and your career. This can be scary for some and making the right choices may seem beyond your capabilities. This is where I can help you navigate your next moves. Below are some of the issues that you will be faced with when being a post-doc or a research fellow. And these are just some of the areas where you may like to get some support.

understanding your new role and responsibilities

  • strategic focus on what really matters for your career
  • team playing and taking the lead
  • choosing your opportunities 

attending and presenting at conferences 

  • strategies for excellent talks
  • building your network
  • how to make an impression on your seniors and peers

paper writing and publishing

  • first authorship on papers
  • choosing the right target journal
  • preparing and submitting your manuscript
  • dealing with the referee's comments 

the importance of networking

  • finding your sponsors
  • building and maintaining supporting relationships
  • making choices and taking decisions


If you are an Early Career Academic...

From post-doc to academic: This is a big jump! Now you are no longer responsible to your own boss, you also have to take up responsibilities in teaching, research and supervision, sometimes facing these tasks for the first time. No wonder you feel disoriented! Does any of the items below resonate as one of your struggles?

settling in 

  • departmental life: understanding your place in the community
  • developing and maintaining strategic focus on what really matters for your career
  • saying yes to opportunities
  • saying no to distractions

3 jobs in one: teaching, research, admin

  • teaching in different settings: lectures, workshops, tutorials, laboratory classes,...
  • staying tuned on your research: protecting your time
  • the importance of good citizenship within your department

supervising students 

  • choosing the right project
  • choosing the right student
  • how to supervise effectively 

applying for funds 

  • the why, the what, the who, and the how
  • what research gets funded
  • how to deal with rejections 

work-life (im)balance 

  • striking the right balance
  • your life beyond work
  • your purpose and mission
  • what really matters to you



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